Ocean Rock has been a real inspiration for us on many levels. Dan and his team of artists have turned our dreams into natural realistic looking and functional artistic environments we get to enjoy every day. They have stood the test of time as we had Ocean Rock do a job at our Whistler place originally and it still looks like natural stone years later. In fact people always assume it’s bedrock. Dan and his team live and breath all aspects of their field. Steel work, pouring, shoring, carving and painting. Their vision for what’s possible and the tenacity with which they relentlessly pursue that outcome as they solve any number of inevitable challenges is something we really admire. I’ve personally found Dan to be upfront, transparent and detail oriented with his job pricing and he sticks to his word through completion. We trusted OR with a large difficult steep waterfront project and they excelled in all aspects of the job. Dan has a vision where he can see what it will look like before construction even starts, and the whole team is so creative that we let them just run with their concept based loosely on our objectives. These guys are in hot demand and we can sure see why.